Kimberlyn Day

“Editing an erotic scene is about so much more than grammar and spelling. Every scene is unique and yet each has a set of norms. Sweet, raw, fast, toe-curling…there are so many ways sexuality can be expressed. Individual words–and explicit phrases–can make or break the magic between the sheets. Jennifer is able to help authors twine the emotional and physical elements with realistic dialogue. That expertise, woven through an entire novel, is priceless.”

Aria Hawthorne

“I am very fortunate that Jennifer has worked as my editor on both my bestselling erotic romance novels, DEVOTION and PRICELESS. Within my stable of paid copyeditors and proofreaders, she has quickly become my absolute first “go-to gal” for developmental line editing. I love the way she has made it her priority to get to *know* my specific writing style and storytelling sensibility in order to cater her edits and commentary to bring out the best in my characterizations, plot, pacing, and scene structure. And BONUS: she’s truly loves critiquing my sex scenes, which as an erotic romance writer, makes her worth more than gold to me! Honestly, I wish I could just keep her all to myself because she truly is one of my best assets within the extremely competitive business of romance writing and publishing.”

Darke Conteur

“Jennifer is a great editor! She helped me with the steamy scenes for my short erotic story, DATE NIGHT, and as a result, it was accepted into the first paying market I submitted to; Oysters & Chocolate. Writing erotica can be…difficult, but she listens to what you want to do and makes suggestions based on that. She’s careful not to over-write the author’s voice as well.”