Full Mistress Edit

A full Mistress Edit is an in-depth line edit to help you improve your writing in everything from sweet romance to scorching erotica. If you don’t come away from a Mistress Edit with ideas and tools to improve your future projects, I haven’t done my job. In addition to addressing all of the finer points of language and grammar, I’ll whip you–er, I mean your writing–into submission.

Some of the sensual specifics I’ll address are

  • Sexual tension
  • Emotional development
  • Word choice and repetition
  • Plot and character development through sex scenes or leading up to/after any implied or closed-door scenes

Some of the technical things I’ll look at are

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Word usage
  • Spelling
  • Continuity
  • Sentence structure
  • Tenses
  • Characterization

Pricing varies based on the amount of work needed and starts at $0.01 per word (approximately $2.50 per page), with a minimum charge of $50. This price includes a single pass of editing. I am always happy to answer questions or clarify my edits after the fact, but additional reading, critique, editing, brainstorming, or other feedback will be an extra charge. Contact me for a custom quote, a sample edit, or to book a spot. I am open to working out payment plans if the cost of editing is prohibitive for you.

Sex Scene Doctor

If you’re looking for feedback on a specific sex scene or two rather than full editing for your entire manuscript, let me don my white coat and stethoscope and let’s play doctor. Rather, I’ll play doctor to your hand-picked scenes. You still get the full Mistress treatment, just in a bite-size portion.

Sex Scene Doctor services will be a flat rate based the length/number of scenes and start at $50. Contact me for a custom quote.


Just one last flick of the flogger…

Oh, sorry. I meant one final pass with the red pen! My proofreading services will scour your manuscript to correct typos, make sure every comma is correctly placed, point out inconsistencies in word usage or formatting (is it Matty’s Pub or Mattie’s Pub?), nix those dangling modifiers, and more. This should be done after editing has been completed. While I always have my eyes open for these types of errors during the editing stage, some will still slip through the cracks, and others may be introduced when an author is implementing my or another editor’s suggested changes. Ask about discount packages for editing and proofreading. (Please note that if I proofread your project after I’ve edited it for you, the proofreading is just that. It is not a second pass of editing.)

Proofreading starts at $0.007 per word (approximately $1.75 per page). Contact me for a custom quote based on a sample.